“Mother, No Other Like Her” Review

Hoping to brighten someone’s week by sharing the inspirational colouring book “Mother, No Other Like Her” by the author Saher Lalani.A motivational colouring book for all ages is e x a c t l y what the world needs right now. The book is a collection of illustrations and loving thoughts that serve as both a colouring book, and a tribute to mothers and mother … Continue reading “Mother, No Other Like Her” Review

“Praying Like Jesus” Review

“Praying Like Jesus” by Kendra Andrus is such an amazing piece of art created to guide children in prayer. This paraphrase of the Lord’s Prayer is written in language and with imagery that children can understand. Help them learn to pray as Jesus taught us to pray. Jesus did not intend for the Lord’s Prayer to be the only words that we ever say; he … Continue reading “Praying Like Jesus” Review

“God Made Night” Review

“God Made Night” by Kendra Andrus, is a book that seeks to help children embrace all of the goodness of night, the dark, and bedtime. For those who have trouble transitioning to sleep, being afraid of the dark, being alone in their beds, scared of bad dreams, or just sad or angry that the day is over, this book will help them identify those feelings … Continue reading “God Made Night” Review

“Bala is Queen B” Review

“Bala is Queen B” by Blandine Carsalade is such a beautifully illustrated book with an encouraging message of self-love. @bookprunelle I love books like these. They teach children that their self worth or identity are not based off their appearance. Instead it encourages them to have self love.I believe that we are God’s masterpiece and we are all beautiful inside out. Check out more of … Continue reading “Bala is Queen B” Review

“Animal Dads” Review

“Animal Dads” by Ami Dobelle is such a beautiful children’s book! My son absolutely loved it! It goes perfectly with our #oceantheme for this week! He loves sea horses!This book is based on real animal dads whose parenting skills are above all others in the animal kingdom. It’s very neat that animal dad’s are featured in this book. Dad’s play a big role as parents, … Continue reading “Animal Dads” Review

New Year Environmental Friendly Resolution!

As we transition into the New Year 2020, we are excited to celebrate our holidays going paperless! Yes, you heard right! I have been wanting to do this for a while, but now with this amazing service through Paperless Post this goal will be easier than ever! Our family is excited to continue our holiday and party celebrations while being environmentally friendly by sending amazing … Continue reading New Year Environmental Friendly Resolution!

“El señor tigre se vuelve salvaje” Review

The Spanish picture book “El señor tigre se vuelve salvaje” by Peter Brown was a fun reading experience! Ezra loves animals and the jungle! He kept pointing at everything that was familiar to him. The illustrations are so amazing and creative–made out of Chinese Ink! It is definitely an engaging book. This book encourages children that it is ok to be different and not do … Continue reading “El señor tigre se vuelve salvaje” Review